Our Bows - Carbon Fiber Bows

We carry a variety of Carbon Fiber bows from 5 seperate manufacturers with 3 unique looks and price points. We currently carry the Fusion, a Carbon Fiber/fiberglass composite that sells for $45, the Jet, a solid Carbon Fiber bow that sells for under $90, the Alantra, a moderately priced black Carbon Fiber bow line; the Ashanti, a mid-priced Carbon Fiber bow with the unique Carbon Fiber weave and exellent balance and playability; and the Iesta, a better quality Carbon Fiber bow with good balance and a unique Pernambuco wood grain that improves resonance and allows this bow to play as well as a much higher priced wood bow. A great choice for anyone needing a great playing bow that they can take outside, into the pit area, or other areas where a bow is at greater risk of damage.

Instruments marked with a * are always carried and usually in stock.

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  • Name/Model #1011, #1011-1, #1011-2

    Description Violin C/F Bow. Great value bow, highly durable Carbon Fiber, competent bow, all at a great price.

    Cost $125
    $120 (size: 3/4)
    $115 (size: 1/2)

    Name/Model #1031

    Description Better Quality C/F Violin Bow. Attractive Carbon Fiber bow with the unique Carbon Fiber weave pattern. Solid playability combines with the durability of Carbon Fiber to deliver a solid bow at a very modest price.

    Cost $210

  • Name/Model *Iesta #1

    Description Pernambuco Veneer "Best Quality" Silver C/F Violin Bow. A beautiful Carbon Fiber Bow with a Pernambuco wood veneer and great sound. This bow plays well, looks great, and yet has the durability of Carbon Fiber. Great choice for outside events or any event where a great sounding bow is needed, but a high quality wood bow is at risk. Any professional playing in the pit needs to check out this bow.

    Cost $550.00

    Name/Model Fusion

    Description C/F & Fiberglass composite violin bow. Great for School String Programs. Far superior to the standard Fiberglass bows with school/quantity pricing of $32

    Cost $45.00

  • Name/Model Jet

    Description Decent playing C/F Violin Bow at an affordable price. All the attributes of a C/F Bow (durability, consistancy, strength) at a price well below $100

    Cost $75.00

    Name/Model #5011

    Description Viola C/F Bow. Viola version of Item #1011

    Cost $130.00

  • Name/Model #5031

    Description Viola "weave pattern" better quality C/F Viola Bow. Viola version of Item #1031.

    Cost $220.00

    Name/Model Jet

    Description Viola version of Jet Violin bow

    Cost $80.00

  • Name/Model #6011

    Description Cello C/F Bow. Cello version of Item #1011.

    Cost $150.00

    Name/Model #6031

    Description Cello "weave pattern" better quality Cello Bow. Cello version of item #1031.

    Cost $250.00

  • Name/Model Iesta #3

    Description Pernambuco Veneer best quality Silver C/F Cello Bow. Cello version of Item #Iesta #1

    Cost $600.00