Our Violins

Our instruments are made to our specific needs and to our exact specifications. The Kelly, DiGeorgio, and E. Pravo models have been added to our rental and student lines, while the Halvorson, DeLaO, Vincenzo, and A. DeMarco models are available as step-up instruments - prices range from $650 to $2000 for these 4 lines of what we believe are excellent quality instruments. We have added another great new line of European instruments as well for around the $1000 price range. The Martin Beck line of instruments from the German border area have unbelievable looks combined with a solid tonal resonance and good recovery. They are available in 4/4 only at this time.

Additional photographs will soon be up. We also carry a large variety of instruments that we are also attempting to add to the site. Since instruments are arriving rapidly, call for current selection and availability.

If possible, come in to try out these and the rest of our broad range of instruments available. We currently have over 200 violins from 30+ makers and manufacturers along with a broad selection of all sizes of violas and cellos so the variety, availability, and pricing options are fantastic.